I trained as an actor at the Central School of Speech and Drama. This gave me the tools to fit into any role that life threw at me! I have been in a lot of roles, including fabric designer, chef and teacher. 

Books and the imaginative worlds that come along with them matter a lot to me. My love for this started at a very young age. I spent a lot of time on my own, happily creating worlds of my own to play in. These worlds were packed with imaginary friends and creatures. 

All the time I was in these roles I scribbled down ideas and stories. I loved capturing my imagination on paper! Now I am retired and can devote my time to writing (and walking my dog, obviously!). 

My book, 'Running From The Sky' is my first book. I had never actually meant to write the book. It came out of a mad conversation with my youngest grandson whilst out walking! I am now busy with constantly exploring more worlds to write about. 

My Books and my Team!

Running from the Sky

My Lovely Team

Bob Dog Gets Kidnapped

What People Say?

"It’s so rare to read a book about the tragic subject of war and not give up half way through feeling so, so sad and unable to finish it. 

It is not sentimental, just gentle and it provokes thoughts and questions and wishes that all mankind can do better. 

To declare an interest - I know the Author personally. Well done to Mandy and hope that this is the start of things to come." 

- Lynne Walker

"The story is poignant, humorous, tender and horrifying in equal measure.”

- Lorna Howarth

"A great story, ideal for young adults/teenagers too, to make them think about the current world compared to their (great)grandparent's times and that the people aren't really that different after all."  

- Amazon Customer

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