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Bob Dog Gets Kidnapped

The proceeds of this book will go to the village community and the charity Nowzad. Nowzad do such an amazing job of helping, we felt it necessary to help them, too.


One of the heroes in my book "Running from the Sky" is a dog called Bobby. Bobby belongs to a friend and often comes to stay and always comes to any party. As a result of Bobby being in my book, we decided to produce a book dedicated to him!


My only ask is that you make a donation to Nowzad and help them continue helping others, it would mean a lot! If you enjoy it let me know and look out for the next story!


Nowzad's mission is to relieve the suffering of animals caught up in the ravages of war. To date, Nowzad has reunited over 900 military personnel with the dogs or cats that they have adopted on the frontline.

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